Senin, 29 November 2010

Fashion Style War

In today’s internet technology world, fashion is no longer something that you only admire and hoping you will be able to get that pair of heels or fur coat one day. One click away, you’ll get the latest access to the up-most trendy information to online shops. In the older days, we rely on fashion magazines and to order the latest issue, normally postage will be late. Later in the days, we finally get most of the updated fashion magazines on newstands. But in today’s world, it is all one click away on the internet with the latest news in fashion world, what is in and what is out.

There is also online bloggers, those who report what is going on in their lives. Many have soon become online instant celebrity of their unique style and fashion views. Now, we take a look at prints style icons versus online style icon. A style war which is so exciting, so inspiring. So many great names to be remembered; Kate Lanphear Senior Style Editor at Elle Magazine, Carine Roitfeld Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue, Miroslava Duma, Julia Frakes, Sonny Groo, Jean Paul Paula, Charles Guislain and Style Bubble Susie Lau, so who do you like?

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