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Six Questions for Madewell Creative Director Kin Ying Lee

Madewell, J.Crew‘s sister brand, just gets better and better. And a lot of that has to do with Kin Ying Lee, the label’s creative director. Not only is Kin nice, funny, and cool, she also has amazing personal style. So it’s not surprising that she makes the “Madewell girl” appear effortlessly hip.

I got to spend some time with Kin this summer on Madewell’s road trip–where a bunch of editors visited Montauk to just hang out with the brand’s team–and adored her instantly! Luckily, she was nice enough to answer some questions for Fashionista about her life, her career, and what’s next for Madewell. The brand launched its latest denim style, the High Riser, today, and you can pick it up at their Denim After Dark event, which takes place tonight at select Madewell stores across the country.
Fashionista: Tell us about your roots! Where are you from, where did you go to school?
Kin Ying Lee: I’m originally from Hong Kong and moved to the northeast of England when I was six years old. I knew I wanted to be a designer from a young age—I used to sit with my grandma while she was sewing and sketch outfits for her. I went on to study design at Kingston University in Surrey [England].
How long have you been designing for Madewell?
I’ve been at Madewell for five years. (Madewell was founded in 1937 as a workwear company, then relaunched in 2006.) Back then, the design team was made of just an assistant and me.
What’s the best part of your job?
Creating clothes that I love with an amazing group of designers. Like our brand-new High Riser Jeans, which are–drumroll please–debuting today. (Shameless plug: find them at, and in select Madewell stores at our Denim After Dark party). They’re the perfect skinny high-waist fit, very vintage-modern, and we’re all obsessed with them. Another great part of my job: Madewell has such a rich sense of history and heritage—it’s something I continually draw from for inspiration. We have an incredible archive of vintage Madewell denim to reference, and the ability to see the wear and tear of these garments and how they held up thorough generations never ceases to inspire me. And I’m so fortunate that we can travel the world to find inspiration–I’m always amazed by the creativity and sense of serious fashion history in Paris; and in Japan the street style is unparalleled.
If you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?
It’s hard to pick just one, but if push came to shove I’d go with a pair of vintage-wash slouchy/skinny jeans with a silk blouse and and a bootie. Then I’d toss on a Barbour jacket and accessorize with a pair of rings I got in Japan that represent my two children.

We’re big on movie inspiration here. Do any films inspire your style?
I love the iconic pieces seen in Indiana Jones: the perfect leather jacket, tough boots and menswear-y shirt. When I’m feeling a little homesick, An Education is perfect for a dose of English schoolgirl style. And In the Mood for Love is a perennial favorite—I’m a sucker for nostalgia, and it reminds me of Hong Kong. The style of the clothing in the movie isn’t my style per se, but I love the overall feel of the film, from the storyline to the lighting to the cinematography. And I’m a huge fan of Maggie Cheung.

We know you love food–so do we! What’s your favorite ice cream in the whole world?
Vanilla ice cream from Cincinnati-based Graeter’s ( I top it with crushed sea salt and extra virgin olive oil. Sounds weird, but it’s incredible—trust me.

The City Wind

i was walking for hours and these two lovely ladies were a breath of fresh air. i was in love with the way they wore their long cardigens. IN i just need to get one of my own

Very Like This Style...Hahahha

this adorable and quirky babe hails all the way from the Philippines ;) so a big shout out to my Filipino friends/readers. haha i can't go there so i wait in Singapore.
# ps. look for chairman mao with a bee on his nose. hahaha, so funny!

Very Like This Style...Hahahha

this adorable and quirky babe hails all the way from the Philippines ;) so a big shout out to my Filipino friends/readers. haha i can't go there so i wait in Singapore.
# ps. look for chairman mao with a bee on his nose. hahaha, so funny!

The Future of Fashion Blogging

What IS the future of fashion blogging? Haven’t we just started? It seems like just a few years ago not many people knew what a blog was, nowadays bloggers are making a living, achieving a somewhat celebrity status, and making the blacklist of editors…or are they?

Crush BLog

It's the december season, it's "winter" and it's raining! So many times, my street style sessions are stopped short due to a sudden torrent of watery snow that makes walking on the street difficult. So i head indoors. Yoyo, (not in this picture), is the creative brain and founder of Exhibit. I met her and her equally stylish mother while i was shooting for and decided to pop by her store since it was raining.

After getting quite hopelessly lost at Far East (i don't frequent there enough to know my way around haha), i finally found it! That's where i met Angie. Isn't she incredibly stylish? I've been told many times, "you should set up a store!". Other then many various business factors, one of the outstanding reason is that i had to find my store-assistant-sole-mate. One who is not only available but embodies the brand and feel of my shop. Someone who not only assists my customers but inspires them. Only then will i set up a store.

I told Angie how I wish I could find someone like her to run my future store! And I was so glad that she agreed to allow me to take her picture.

Would You Wear… Female Silhouette Printed Clothing

Images of Thom Browne’s SS11 womenswear collection appeared on the internet yesterday, showcasing not only Browne’s covetable designs, but also the staying power of a strange trend. Showing suits printed with female silhouettes, Browne’s Spring 2011 collection is the most recent in a string of designers to create items showcasing the female form.

From Moschino’s vintage blouse seen on Susie Bubble, to YSL’s pendants, Lanvin’s tees, and famously Miu Miu’s SS10 prints, the woman-print has a long heritage, and doesn’t seem to be going away.

The question is: Would you wear this trend or are you leaving the naked silhouettes for the bedroom?

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That's My Fave Wedges Shoes

What an amazing Shoes...I love it!!! I found that item on

Fashion Style War

In today’s internet technology world, fashion is no longer something that you only admire and hoping you will be able to get that pair of heels or fur coat one day. One click away, you’ll get the latest access to the up-most trendy information to online shops. In the older days, we rely on fashion magazines and to order the latest issue, normally postage will be late. Later in the days, we finally get most of the updated fashion magazines on newstands. But in today’s world, it is all one click away on the internet with the latest news in fashion world, what is in and what is out.

There is also online bloggers, those who report what is going on in their lives. Many have soon become online instant celebrity of their unique style and fashion views. Now, we take a look at prints style icons versus online style icon. A style war which is so exciting, so inspiring. So many great names to be remembered; Kate Lanphear Senior Style Editor at Elle Magazine, Carine Roitfeld Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue, Miroslava Duma, Julia Frakes, Sonny Groo, Jean Paul Paula, Charles Guislain and Style Bubble Susie Lau, so who do you like?

Who Has Designed It

The cutaway trend was a big element of the Spring/Summer 2009 catwalks, in the picture above are four fantastic examples of how it can be worn.

1. Chloe's interpretation of the trend is subtle, leaning somewhat towards 2009's exposed stomach look. But it goes a long way to prove that basic, classic elements such as a keyhole feature on the back or chest lend themselves perfectly to the cutaway clothing trend.
2. If Chloe was subtle, then Herve Leger undoubtedly infused sex into the trend on their Herve Leger Spring/Summer 2009 catwalk. While the above picture is a perfect little black dress there are plenty more examples to be found by following that link and looking through the pictures.
3. Again with a hint of the exposed stomach trend, Jean Paul Gaultier mixed the cutaway trend with variety of shapes and silhouettes. The above adds it to a long, flowing dress perfect for Summer in the Mediterranean, while you'll also find it in the collection fused onto the likes of shoulder detailing.
4. If anyone has made a success of the trend then it's Preen by way of their Preen By Thornton Bregazzi Spring/Summer 2009 collection; and that success comes down to the combination of the cutaway trend with the sheer trend for some heavily sexualised elegance.