Jumat, 12 Maret 2010

10 signs that say he is serious about you!

1) He seeks your opinion in everything from minor decisions to major ones
It could be something as simple as buying a tie to match his shirt. Or major ones like what car he should buy. It shows that he values your opinions and thinks that you have great judgement and insight as well.

2) He wants you to meet his family, friends and everybody else
He is serious in making you part of his social circle and does not see you as just another casual date when he wants you to meet his family.

3) He spends a lot of time together with you
If he is not genuinely interested in you, would he spend time with you rather than go for his favourite soccer match with his buddies

4) He does not show signs that he is terrified when you mention something happening in a year or two
It shows that he is serious about the relationship he has with you. He can see himself being with you even two years later.

5) He calls you many times a day, but does not admit he misses you
When he calls you, he may find an excuse to do so, like asking you what you are doing currently, finding out what you have eaten for dinner, but never saying the words “I miss hearing your voice, that’s why I called”.

6) He remembers your favourite food and brings it to you by surprise
You probably casually mentioned that you love the brownie from that café only once, but he remembered and brought it to you without you asking for it. If he is not serious about you, would he have remembered what you say to such detail?

7) He lets you choose the restaurants you want to go and the movies you want to watch
Even if he does not like spicy stuff, but you love curry to bits, he will accompany you and even treat you to a meal at a nice Indian restaurant. How sweet can it get? If he does not treat you seriously, why would he bother to cater to you?

8) He can’t wait to tell you what happened in the day
Every night he updates you with how he spent his day, without you asking first. He finds it a joy sharing these intimate details with you. When he hears a new joke, he can’t wait to call you immediately and make you laugh.

9) He is willing to share details of his finances with you
The topic of finances can be quite sensitive and is usually not something that is openly shared, even with friends. If he is willing to tell you, he probably treats you more than a casual friend!

10) He rushes to your side upon hearing that you are sick
Even if it is really late at night and he has an important meeting the next morning, he is willing to come and bring you to the doctor. Only a guy who is serious about you will be that worried!

Well, if you find all these signs all too familiar, it is most likely true that he is serious about you and your relationship. Although he may not have said the three magic words to you yet and have not officially asked you to be his gal, you can be quite assured that he really cares about you. If you like him as well, you can be sure that it will be reciprocated. Just don’t take too long to admit how you both feel about each other!

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