Selasa, 30 November 2010

Crush BLog

It's the december season, it's "winter" and it's raining! So many times, my street style sessions are stopped short due to a sudden torrent of watery snow that makes walking on the street difficult. So i head indoors. Yoyo, (not in this picture), is the creative brain and founder of Exhibit. I met her and her equally stylish mother while i was shooting for and decided to pop by her store since it was raining.

After getting quite hopelessly lost at Far East (i don't frequent there enough to know my way around haha), i finally found it! That's where i met Angie. Isn't she incredibly stylish? I've been told many times, "you should set up a store!". Other then many various business factors, one of the outstanding reason is that i had to find my store-assistant-sole-mate. One who is not only available but embodies the brand and feel of my shop. Someone who not only assists my customers but inspires them. Only then will i set up a store.

I told Angie how I wish I could find someone like her to run my future store! And I was so glad that she agreed to allow me to take her picture.

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