Kamis, 03 Maret 2011


Marie Claire



The March issue of Girlfriend came out yesterday,
featuring my new illo for Girlstrology.
Say hello to Miss Pisces!
I hope you like her big fish :)
(That's a great movie btw)
Happy Birthday to all the Pisceans out there!

On a side note -
I bought a bunch of charcoal pencils yesterday,
along with some new drawing paper,
so i'm keen to start experimenting with a different style!
If they turn out okay I might post some of them.
I was thinking of doing some mini print/card sets so hopefully
these will work out well for what I want to do :)

Fashion and Art Randomized

EdGe of ForeVer

Following up a seventies inspired shoot, cover girl Anja Rubik takes a spin at the beach life for the April issue of Vogue Australia.

Fashion scene xxx Fashion weekS

What's in Your CloseT ?!


Rabu, 02 Maret 2011

The adventure of Us

So amazing....just that's words can explain how enjoyed me with my best friend when we are going to find comfort place to take many photo of us....there's only me and her...no other friends...