Minggu, 25 April 2010

Hottest in Apparel Winners!

First and formost, I want to thank all the participants in CHIQ's first ever trendsetter contest "Hottest in Apparel." I've enjoyed seeing what you think is hot, and we've truly had amazing posts on Chiq.com. That said (DRUMROLL PLEASE), I would like to announce that we've had two winners of the first place prize of $250 for uploading the hottest in apparel item to Chiq.com: Gratia and Ari930. These ladies were tied neck and neck until our contest end time of midnight EST April 22.

Both Gratia and Ari930 are very excited about their recent win, Ari930 commenting that she is "extremely excited about winning. Other than music contests, I've never won anything." Gratia happily replied "Thank you so much Chiq.com!" after receiving an email reporting that she had won.

Can't wait to see your posts for our next contest "Most Sizzling Shoes." We are going to do this contest a little differently, with the first place prize going to the Chiq member with the most trendsetter points in the shoe category. So upload your favorite shoes and share via Facecbook and Twitter to receive more votes.



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